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Organization Type

Eligibility for grants varies with each fund, and application deadlines within specific Funds must be met. In general, however, the following criteria are in place for each organization type regardless of the fund applied for:

Parishes – Must be in sound financial position and have a proven track record of good stewardship. For example, parishes should not have a budget deficit in excess of $10,000 for the prior two years. Parishes not meeting this criterion for one or both of the prior two years may be asked to supply additional information. Other considerations may be taken into account as well, such as outstanding debt obligations and the parish’s active participation in the initiatives of the Church in southeastern Wisconsin.

Schools – Must be recognized as Catholic by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Elementary schools must be in good standing with the School Planning and Accreditation process (SPA) and secondary schools with their accrediting agency. Schools with declining enrollments are eligible to apply but must include an enrollment plan with their application.

If the school is a parish school, the parish must meet the criteria for parishes outlined above.

Other Organizations – Must be recognized as Catholic organizations in The Official Catholic Directory. Must be in a sound financial position without a current or previous year deficit budget.

Types of Awards

Grants will not be awarded to support salaries, endowment or, in most cases, capital building projects. Operating grants will be considered for programs that are increasing their scope, reach or impact.


In addition to the general eligibility requirements outlined above, additional criteria are also in effect for each individual Fund in the Faith in Our Future Trust. Review the Funds