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Catholic School Champions Fund awards scholarships to Milwaukee – area students

Catholic School Champions Fund Awards Scholarships to Milwaukee‐Area Students

January 29, 2014 – Catholic Elementary and High Schools in Southeastern Wisconsin will receive scholarships totaling more than $155,000 from the Catholic School Champions Fund of the Faith in our Future Trust. The Trustees of the Faith in our Future Trust today announced 108 grants and scholarships will be awarded for the 2014‐15 school year.

The Trustees said: “Thanks to the generosity of thousands of donors to the Faith in Our Future Trust, the Catholic School Champions Fund will start awarding scholarships and grants this year and will continue to help students achieve a Catholic education for years to come.”

Each of the 14 Catholic high schools in Southeastern Wisconsin will begin receiving a renewable “Faith In Our Future Scholarship” reflecting one‐half of the stated cost of tuition and fees for one student. Awards will be renewable for up to four years and are intended to help the scholarship recipients meet part of the cost of a four‐year career at the school.

In addition, grants will be made to each of the 94 Catholic elementary schools in the region. The resulting scholarships will then be awarded by the schools through normal tuition assistance or financial aid programs to assist families with financial hardships.

The Faith in our Future Trust is a 501(c)3 charitable trust created in 2007 to support Catholic education and faith formation in Southeastern Wisconsin. The Catholic School Champions Fund is one of the endowed funds created under the Trust.